Day 31 ~ “31 Days of PINK” Wrapping it up with Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs


I am so excited and thrilled to have todays closing guest!!  She has been one of my all time favorite digital designers for quite a few years now!!  She is so full of positive vibes that it is contaigious!!!  She is just adorable!!  You have to go take a look at her camper redo The […]

Day 28~”31 Days of PINK” Becca from Our Crazy Boys

Today’s guest is Becca from Our Crazy Boys and she is a co-author of a new site Disney in the Desert!!!  I am so excited for her Disney venture!!  We are HUGE Disney fans at our house!!  Becca is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met.  She is a hoot to hang out with […]

Day 16~”31 Days of PINK” Ramblings from me!


Today’s post is short and sweet!  This has been a long month and a long series!!  I tell ya I could not do this without the help from my friends!  Everyone’s post so far have been amazing, inspirational and very touching!!  Today I am going to lighten it up a bit and share with you […]

Day 9~ “31 Days of PINK” Life is Short slow down and smell the roses.


This past weekend I was sitting next to my sweetheart Mr. PinkCakePlate when he’s said “we need to talk about our dear friend Sam” he then got quiet almost as if he forgot what he was going to say and changed his mind about saying anything at all.  Me being the impatient girl that I […]

Simply Amazing to me!! Kellie Pickler is Beautiful inside and out!

Photo courtesy of

I am simply amazed at the love and support Kellie Pickler has for her sister Summer Holt Miller.  But seriously I know many of you would do the same for someone you love and care about.  Kellie as a sign of sincere support and love shaved her beautiful blond tresses for her sister Summer. Why […]