Day 31 ~ “31 Days of PINK” Wrapping it up with Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs


I am so excited and thrilled to have todays closing guest!!  She has been one of my all time favorite digital designers for quite a few years now!!  She is so full of positive vibes that it is contaigious!!!  She is just adorable!!  You have to go take a look at her camper redo The […]

Day 16~”31 Days of PINK” Ramblings from me!


Today’s post is short and sweet!  This has been a long month and a long series!!  I tell ya I could not do this without the help from my friends!  Everyone’s post so far have been amazing, inspirational and very touching!!  Today I am going to lighten it up a bit and share with you […]

Simply Amazing to me!! Kellie Pickler is Beautiful inside and out!

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I am simply amazed at the love and support Kellie Pickler has for her sister Summer Holt Miller.  But seriously I know many of you would do the same for someone you love and care about.  Kellie as a sign of sincere support and love shaved her beautiful blond tresses for her sister Summer. Why […]