Day 31 ~ “31 Days of PINK” Wrapping it up with Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs

I am so excited and thrilled to have todays closing guest!!  She has been one of my all time favorite digital designers for quite a few years now!!  She is so full of positive vibes that it is contaigious!!!  She is just adorable!!  You have to go take a look at her camper redo The Dazey is amazing!  So without further hesitation I bring you Rhonna Farrer!!
I’m happy to be a part of my friend, Laura’s Pink Cake Plate blog series this year: 31 Days Of Pink.
She’s a total inspiration…each day she’s invited friends to share what inspires them & how they can share the love & awareness of Breast Cancer.  As I reflected on my last year’s entry.  It was all about ideas & inspiration….& this year as I thought about what I wanted to share, I had a lot of the same feelings, but…I want to take it in a bit of a different direction….taking ideas & inspiration & acting on them to uplift & inspire others.
These 4 simple words have made a very huge impact on me.
When Linda K. Burton shared this, it sunk deep in my soul. I listened to it w/ my heart & since then, I’ve been trying this. And guess what? It makes me happy! The experiences I had on my birthday were just one of the many experiments I’ve tried to act on these 4 words. I had the BEST birthday ever by first observing…sharing my art & asking others to do one act of kindness in return.  I did it, too. All day I looked for someone who I could help, make happy cheer up their day & basically I was crying all day out of sheer joy! LOL! But…
it made me think. If EVERYONE lived these 4 words & went around observing others & what you could do to help them…what an amazing impact we’d make in this wonderful world we live in!
It starts w/ us.
We can first observe, then serve
in our homes,
our families,
our friends,
our neighbors,
our communities…
& even those friends all over the world.
In fact, it can even be people we don’t know…total strangers…everyone can use a smile, or a compliment or a help to the car, or a door opened….just to let others know they are loved.
THIS inspiration will filter into our lives creatively, physically, spiritually & emotionally…I promise. I’ve done it! So…today, think of these 4 words & make it the BEST day ever!
huuuge hugs! Be uplifting & inspiring to all around you! & think pink!
You can find Rhonna’s amazing designs at her STORE and she has an amazing BLOG!  You can also check her out at these hot Social Media Pit Stops!!  TWITTER, PINTEREST, her INSTAGRAM (look for rhonnafarrer) photos are amazing!!  And stop and give her FACEBOOK page a PINK THUMBS UP!!!
I dearly love Rhonna she is a total inspiration to me everyday!  I am so grateful to her for taking time out of her busy life to be here today!
I love her words of inspiration!  It totally fits in for this last day of my series.
If we can reach out and touch one other person everyday we can move mountains,
mountains of despair,
mountains of hurt,
mountains of dissapointment,
mountains of lonliness,
mountains of fear,
montains of depression,
You can never know what one small act can do.  Rhonna experinced it on her birthday!  WE have the opportunity to do it everyday! I challenge each of you to do one tiny small act of kindness each and every day lets see what it can do!!  I am taking this Challenge too!!  We can do this together!
As I wrap up this “31 Days of PINK”  I first want to thank each and every guest that has participated, without this wonderful support I would not be able to do this series.  My heart is full of reflection, gratitude, happiness and peace.  This has been an amazing month of PINK.  To those who are fighting this awful disease “Breast Cancer” my heart goes out to you.
May we have “PINK” in out hearts all year and hold our heads proudly when we wear “PINK”.



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