Day 28~”31 Days of PINK” Becca from Our Crazy Boys

Today’s guest is Becca from Our Crazy Boys and she is a co-author of a new site Disney in the Desert!!!  I am so excited for her Disney venture!!  We are HUGE Disney fans at our house!!  Becca is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met.  She is a hoot to hang out with as we spent the whole day together at Spark and Hustle.  She is a great resource for blog design and fix ups!!  If you need a facelift or  just some small nips and tucks to your blog check out Becca’s personal site!

I owe Becca a HUGE APOLOGY!!  She emailed me her blog post on Friday and I accidentally deleted it so this is getting out super late!!  So without further hold up here is Becca’s post!!!


Hi there! I’m Becca from Our Crazy Boys and I’m thankful to be joining in here with Laura’s 31 Days of Pink!

Do you know the number one way to arm yourself against breast cancer?

Monthly self-exams.

It’s not easy to remember to do them, and they’re not fun – but they’re necessary.

Every time I see something pink during the month of October, I think about monthly self-exams. I am hoping that posting about it here today will help me (and you!) remember to do them every month – not just in October.

Need some guidance? The Mayo Clinic has a great article about performing monthly breast exams. By performing monthly self-exams, you can be the first one to know about a change in your breast tissue and you’ll know that the change is not more than one month old.

So, whatcha’ waiting for?

I love this Becca!! WE as women need to defend ourselves against this disease!!  Thank you Becca for being here!! OK Pink Cake Plate Readers lets show Becca how much we love her post.  And your asking how can we do that??  Go now and follow her at these places ~ TWITTER, PINTEREST and you can find her on INSTAGRAM as beccaludlum and please go like her Facebook pages:

Our Crazy Boys

Disney in the Desert

Becca thank you soooooo much for being here!!

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