Day 9~ “31 Days of PINK” Life is Short slow down and smell the roses.

This past weekend I was sitting next to my sweetheart Mr. PinkCakePlate when he’s said “we need to talk about our dear friend Sam” he then got quiet almost as if he forgot what he was going to say and changed his mind about saying anything at all.  Me being the impatient girl that I am said to him “just spit it out”.  With a choked up voice he said “I am trying to, its hard.”  I looked over at him to see the tears starting to well in his eyes.  “It’s Alice his wife” he said through the lump in his throat.  She has pancreatic cancer”.  My response was “Oh crap you have got to be kidding me?”  We talked a bit more and the conversation ended.  Mr. PinkCakePlate is what we women call a “chatty Cathy” but not today our conversation was brief and emotionally charged.  My mind first went to the sweet couple who were about to face the fight of their life and then to my own Mr. PinkCakePlate who is a cancer survivor himself.  What would I do if I lost him now and how would he feel if it were me who was sick.  Sometimes I can’t bring myself to think what I would do without him.  We just found each other.  Life is short.  Life is fragile.

Alice always wears beautiful hats to church!   Here is some “PINK” hat eye candy in honor of Alice.  My heart and prayers are with Alice and her family.


Cancer is Cancer and even though this month is dedicated to Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer awareness, today I dedicate this post to Alice, her family and those others who are battling any kind of Cancer.

Life is short slow down, smell the roses,  hug someone who needs a hug, tell someone how much you love them.  Don’t wait they may need it more than you do.


I have changed the names to protect the privacy of “Sam” and “Alice”.  Thank you for understanding.

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