Day 31 ~ “31 Days of PINK” Wrapping it up with Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs


I am so excited and thrilled to have todays closing guest!!  She has been one of my all time favorite digital designers for quite a few years now!!  She is so full of positive vibes that it is contaigious!!!  She is just adorable!!  You have to go take a look at her camper redo The […]

Day 26~”31 Days of PINK” TJ from Sweet Sugar Blossom


Today’s guest is T.J. From Sugar Blossoms and Sugar and Spice Digital Designs she is such a sweetheart!!  We have met at several local Blog mixers!!!  I am so excited to have her here today!!! “I always thought I’d have a daughter; a little “mini me” to dress up and play beauty shop with.   She […]

Day 25~ “31 Days of PINK” Jillene from Ink Happi

InkHappi day 13 @pinkcakeplate

  Today’s guest is Jillene from InkHappi!  Jillene is Britney’s (Jesse’e Girl) Mom,  when she found that Britney was participating in “31 Days of PINK” she jumped on board!! I am amazed and elated at how this little project has become contaigious!!!   I am so glad Jillene is here today and I will let […]

Day 23~”31 Days of PINK” Katie from “The Vintage Mother” and “Vintage Rose Wraps”

“Hi there!  I’m Katie from Vintage Rose Wraps.  My sister and I sell fun headbands.  They can be found across the US in various boutiques, salons, and gift shops or online at  The blog for our product is, but we are very excited for our new lifestyle blog {coming soon} The Vintage Mother. […]

Day 18~ “31 Days of PINK” My “31 Days” SMASHBOOK


I have recently been enamored with SMASHBOOKS and made my first one for my Disneyland trip!!  If you would like you can take a peek at my Disneyland Smashbook!!   Well I had the fantastic opportunity to attend my first “SMASH BALL” hosted by the sweet Becki of Whippy Cake!  I just love her!!  Isnt she adorable??  […]

Day 16~”31 Days of PINK” Ramblings from me!


Today’s post is short and sweet!  This has been a long month and a long series!!  I tell ya I could not do this without the help from my friends!  Everyone’s post so far have been amazing, inspirational and very touching!!  Today I am going to lighten it up a bit and share with you […]