Simply Amazing to me!! Kellie Pickler is Beautiful inside and out!

I am simply amazed at the love and support Kellie Pickler has for her sister Summer Holt Miller.  But seriously I know many of you would do the same for someone you love and care about.  Kellie as a sign of sincere support and love shaved her beautiful blond tresses for her sister Summer.

Why does this amaze me?  well first and foremost we’re women and most of us are so worried about how we look that the thought of being bald scares the hell out of us!! I know it does me.  Kellie’s life  for the most part is spent on stage, in front of cameras, and on the pages of magazines where she is expected to look beautiful.

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Summer was diagnosed in June (at age 35)with (Her2+) Breast Cancer in June.  She underwent a double mastectomy and awaits her reconstruction surgery once she has healed even though she is now cancer free she will start chemo shortly and in preparation made the decision to go ahead and shave her own beautiful locks.  You can read her story HERE:

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Aren’t they both beautiful???  I have to share some of Summer’s words taken from her Caring Bridge journal:

“I’m so thankful that my little sister, Kellie, came off the road just to take
care of me from Sunday until early this morning. I cried my eyes out this
morning when she left because I have never been taken care of the way that I
was when she was here. It wasn’t that my mother, father, husband, etc.
wasn’t willing to take care of me. They just didn’t know how.
Honestly, I don’t know where Kellie learned how to do all that she did for me
but I could not have asked for a better care-giver.”

My eye’s were quickly filled with tears as I read this and more of Summer’s story.  Please take a moment and read her story she is such a brave woman.  She is a SURVIVOR!  She is AMAZING!

They are both amazing women!  The love for Summer just beams from Kellie’s face!  This selfless act is nothing short of amazing and wonderful.

As we head into October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month please take the time to get your annual mammogram, early detection saves lives.

As Kellie stated: “cancer does not discriminate,” and it’s important to aim for early detection.
“If this compels even one person to change their mentality toward waiting until the age of 40 for their mammogram, then it will be well worth it,”

Thank you Kellie for stepping up to the plate to support your sister what a commendable act.

My hat is off to you!

So sorry I use AMAZING so much it is the only word in my mind describes how I feel about this!!


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