About Me

Hey Y’All Laura Petersen here,  I am  a Phoenix based working Mom and Grandmother, who has been with the most prestigious Domain Registrar Company for 8 years now. I am a Bonus mom to 3 amazing kids and I have Two Grand Babies, Rilee and George! I am not new to the blogging world as I have been a wondrous lurker!! I love to cook, bake, sew and do all types of crafts!! I am learning Photoshop with CS5! I just upgraded to a Nikon D5100 which I LOVE!! (This does not mean I am good or know what I am doing!!HAHAHAHA!!)

This is am attempt to learn a “new” craft as a “blogger”!!

I can be reached at Laura (at) pinkcakeplate (dot) com I would love to hear from you!!!