Day 16~”31 Days of PINK” Ramblings from me!

Today’s post is short and sweet!  This has been a long month and a long series!!  I tell ya I could not do this without the help from my friends!  Everyone’s post so far have been amazing, inspirational and very touching!!  Today I am going to lighten it up a bit and share with you a few PINK things I found in my world.

I love that the “beauty” world is on board with PINK products!!  You all know I love hairspray so when I came across this I squealed with delight!!

OK now who doesn’t think PINK out houses are funny?????  I happen to think they are hilarious!!!  Just sayin”!LOL!

I love PINK doughnuts these are fake but sooooo pretty!!!

And finally I DO belive in PINK!  PINK has been my favourite color since I can remember so this is very true for me.

I am going to coin Cindy’s phrase and say

“Go put on some PINK and strut your stuff!!””  Make it a PINK Day!!

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