31 Days of PINK~ Day 30 Part one with Sandi from Big Toe Mom


Today’s Part one is from my dear friend Sandi!!  She has been blogging longer than I have!!!  I was so excited she wanted to participate!!!  You can visit her blog HERE!!!  So I will let her post tell you more about me and about her!!! I think of pink as a Power Color. Girl Power.   […]

31 Days of PINK~Day 29 With Amy from Pink Bath Boutique


 Hey my dear readers it is already day 29~~Today’s guest is my friend Amy from Pink Bath Boutique!! She is another new friend I met at Creative Estates!!  Amy is a firecracker!!  She has her own business and it is take Arizona and the world by storm!!LOL!  Amy makes the most delisioso bath and beauty […]

31Days of PINK~ Day 28 With Jessi from The Webb Page


Todays post is from Jessi!!  I have to tell you all I have not met Jessi either but I hope to soon!!  She stepped up to the plate when I sent out an email to Katie from Sweet Rose Studio (who you met here) and wanted to participate!!!  I love that~when I read her post […]