31Days of PINK~ Day 28 With Jessi from The Webb Page

Todays post is from Jessi!!  I have to tell you all I have not met Jessi either but I hope to soon!!  She stepped up to the plate when I sent out an email to Katie from Sweet Rose Studio (who you met here) and wanted to participate!!!  I love that~when I read her post tears came to my eyes and touched my heart so without further delay here is her very sweet very touching post!!

Hey Pink Cake Platers! I’m Jessi, from my own little personal corner of the blogosphere, The Webb Page.

It’s just like our family, to take a month like October, Breast Cancer Awareness month…to go find out Mom had Breast Cancer. We do things in our own crazy way, so go figure it would happen during that month. In October 2008, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. If there’s anything I’ve learned during this, it’s to be you’re own advocate, and fight for what you know is right. She originally found a lump on her own, and after doctor trip after doctor trip, she finally found a surgeon that could identify the lump, biopsy it, and help her. Others couldn’t feel it or find it, but she knew something wasn’t right. Follow your gut ladies!

She went through a single mastectomy along with chemo, and came out all clear afterwards. Mom was a champ during chemo, and was lucky enough to get the cutest wig. Mom and I? We have the thinnest hair ever, so I was secretly jealous! Mom has always been the strong parent in our family, so we knew she’d be ok, and come out healthy on the other end. She’s been cancer free for 2.5 years now, has survived reconstruction, and we’re so grateful for her amazing team of doctors and surgeons. Recently on her last check-up, one of the doctors was concerned about a few spots that came up on the scans, and Mom was quick to say if there was any question, she’d be in for another mastectomy as soon as needed. She’s not messing around. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and she’s still receiving a clear bill of heath during her check-ups.

My pink photo of nail polish reminds me of my Mom. She’s always got a shade of pink on her toes, no matter the season. And more often than not, you can find a similar shade on mine as well!

Thank you sooooooooo much Jessi for adding to this “31 Days of PINK”  series you are AWESOME!


  1. Jessi and I have been friends for quite some time….ironically, it was our love of scrapbooking and the internet that bridged our friendship! I was honored to be a guest at her wedding and meet her sweet Mom…..it was almost a year to the date later that her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her Mom {Sue} is a fiesty and sassy chica and I am so proud of the fight she has posed on cancer! Way to fight right along side her Jess!! <3 ya girlie!


  2. Kim,
    Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Blogospere!! I was so tickled that Jessi wanted to participate in this endeavor especially since we have not had the fantastic opportunity to meet!!! I hope to meet her IRL soon!!!!

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