31 Days of PINK~ Day 30 Part one with Sandi from Big Toe Mom

Today’s Part one is from my dear friend Sandi!!  She has been blogging longer than I have!!!  I was so excited she wanted to participate!!!  You can visit her blog HERE!!!  So I will let her post tell you more about me and about her!!! :-)

I think of pink as a Power Color. Girl Power.   The phrase “Steel Magnolia”. 

My Aunt June, who just passed away at age 90, what a fire cracker she was, she only wore pink, because it was her fav.  She had so much sweet pink stuff, fun stuff, her couch and comfy chair, her dishes, TP, and I remember pink felt tip pens signing my birthday cards.  In fact she had so much pink that when we were cleaning her house after she passed, there was only pink lint in the drier.  My that just tickled me, PINK!    

I want my girls to have power, to feel brave and strong, to dance anywhere they want to and sing out loud, and laugh till they cry.

This is my youngest daughter, Abby. She was the Flower Girl at Laura’s wedding.  She looks so little in these pics, surrounded by pink and LOVE! 

Dancing with her Daddy, Oh, break my heart. 

Now sure, we all can think of all the cliché “I hope you dance” moments. And yes I am thinking about those also as I look at my sweet girl I realize how much I want for my girls, (boys too), no disease, but maybe a little sickness, so that they can see how blessed we are.  I remember the tribute table at the reception for Laura’s Mom, and how it touched me so.  ( I know she was there in spirit)

So Today,  I hope you feel special, feel loved, feel powerful, and wear something PINK!

Thank You soooooooooooooooo much Sandi!!  Your such a dear friend to me I am truly blessed to have you in my life!!!  I say to you SANDI … YOU are SPECIAL,  YOU are LOVED,  YOU are POWERFUL!!! 

Are YOU wearing PINK today???


  1. YES -we have on PINK today! Abby also says that YES, the lint really was pink!

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