31 Days of PINK~Day 27 with Katie from Sweet Rose Studio

 Todays Post is from my dear friend Katie from Sweet Rose Studio.  Katie and Sara from Mom Endeavors were the first gals I met there!!  They are both AMAZING WOMEN!!  I hope you enjoy Katies’ post as much as I do!!!

I was so honored to be asked to participate in this amazing series put together by Laura. I actually had a tough time getting to a single picture so I have two to share!

These shoes were worn to my senior prom over ten years ago. I was lucky enough to meet my sweet husband in fifth grade and we started dating when we were 15 and these pink shoes bring back all the cherished memories I have of our days growing up together, dating, and being forever youthful in our love.

This second picture makes me think of our transition into real adulthood and when we two became more. I’ve kept these tests over the years just to remind me of how lucky and blessed we truly are. I’m reminded of how we tried very hard for our son and how we were surprised with our daughter (please note 2 tests for her).

Thank you Katie for sharing !!!  I love stories like this!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


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