31 Days of PINK~Day 31 Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna Designs

Today is the final post for “31 Days of PINK” I am kind of sad to see it end it has been such a wonderful month for me and I kinda feel like this project has been a huge reason why.  When the bright idea to do the “31 Days of PINK” popped into my mind it was like a week before October 1.  Ya I know not much time to really plan extensive details of this project.  But none the less I sent an e-mail blast to some of my dear IRL friends and some who I know via the internet.  I was amazed at the response I received, and I have to say I would not have been able to do this without their help!!

Today’s Post is from a very sweet “internet” friend.  I hope to meet her IRL someday soon.  Maybe at Spark No.4???  LOL!! Those of you who do digital scrapbooking or hybrid crafts may know Rhonna from  “House of 3″ which has now closed.  This is where I first came across Rhonnas Designs!!!  I fell in love with her work.  It is totally my style,  eclectic, quirky, bright, with a bundle of whimsy thrown in!!!  You can see her work at Rhonna Designs.  And you can visit her blog HERE!!

I am so excited to share with you her contribution to “31 Days of PINK” today!!!  When I received her email with her post I read it and got a huge lump in my throat and teared up,  then I read it to my husband…same result.  Sometimes we need someone to reach out and touch our hearts,  Rhonnas post did just that.  I hope you will be touched as I have with her words and her beautiful Word Art.  So my dear Readers here is Rhonna’s post.

“I believe all ideas are sprinkled from heaven…it’s up to us what we do with them.”
Each of us have ideas & inspiration come to us everyday. Whether it’s a creative idea, a helpful idea, a kind idea, or even a funny idea….i believe they are sprinkled from heaven.
And it’s up to US to use them in a way that will uplift and inspire others around us. This month’s PINK inspires me to use my ideas to help others as it reminds me that every single person we see is going through a difficult time.
Life isn’t easy…some of us face challenges with health, cancer, job issues, family problems….NOT ONE of us is immune…& when we have an idea pop in our mind to help someone, or create something for someone…I believe we need to follow that!….we can bring a piece of heaven to others…& in turn…ourselves.


If you stop by her BLOG she will be offering the WORD ART as a free download!!

So my dear Readers this concludes the “31 Days of PINK” Series!!  But the fun does’nt stop here!!!  Please come back frequently I have soooo much more to share with you!!!


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