31 Days of PINK~Day 30 Part 2 With Allison from Allison Waken Photography

Ok so a lot of my Guests for 31 Days of PINK I have either met at Creative Estates or I have met through another friend I met at Creative Estates!!!LOL!!  Allison is just that!!  She was a speaker/presenter at Creative Estates so I was able to attend her class and I was able to get to know her on a personal level at an Elmer’s Craft and Tell event hosted by Sara from Mom Endeavors!!  You can see more of that event here!!
Allison is UBER-talented!!  Just go to her blog here and you will see all she does!! I would love to learn so many things from her!!  And to top it off she has another blog here !  I have no clue how she can manage 2 blogs, 2 boys, a photography business and all the other things life entails!!!  So here is her contribution to “31 Days of PINK”!!
I love this picture of a PINK ball! Doesn’t it just pop out against that grass and beg to be played with?! It definitely stands out just like my Mother in Law Debbie. She just got her 6 month all clear after fighting (and winning) breast cancer. My Mother in Law is one of the most encouraging, loving women I know. She uses her experience to talk to and encourage other women. She is always a beautiful example of a strong woman and I am so thankful to have her in my life
Allison Thank you soooo very much for sharing a peice of your exceptional life with us!!  I am so glad your MIL is doing well and wish her a continued “All Clear”!!  Debbie your amazing!!

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