Craft Studio, Crafty Decor Make it Yourself!!


I was scouring the internet looking for something to use to decorate my craft room!!  I found this amazing Nursery Wall decor.  I loved it right from the get go! I tried to find the crafter who made these, unfortunately  their Etsy shop is empty:-(. What else was I supposed to do????  Make them myself […]

Avalanche Bark! The Candy, the Myth, the Mystery!!!


I have been hearing a lot about something called  Avalanche Bark. So I started poking around the internet to find out what the buzz is about! I found all kinds of recipes, some with variations but I had never tasted this delicacy so before I made mine I wanted to go straight to the source!! […]

Headband Organizer DIY!


I love headbands and I have quite a few!! Vintage Rose Wraps being one of my favorites! Yes I have quite a few! I didn’t really have any place to store them!! This is what my collection looked like before I decided I needed to do something about this mess!!! No judging please!!! LOL!!! I […]

SNAP Conference Roommate Swag Altered Egg Cartons !


I fell in love with the altered egg cartons I have been seeing online and on Pinterest!  My creativity was ignighted!!! I found an online source and ordered brand new never used egg cartons.  They arrived quickly and were reasonably priced!! I attended SNAP last month and I went prepared to win friends and influence […]

Food Photography with SoFabU!!!


I am so excited I am taking a online photography class through the fantastic organization Social Fabric!! They have this created a online learning environment called SoFabU and I am one of the lucky ones to take their first class!!! And boy do I need this class! It is all about food photography!! I am […]

Cinco De Mayo easy Salsa!!

I know I have shared this recipe with you before but I though it would be fitting for Cinco De Mayo!!  I love this salsa and the great thing is you can make it as hot or mild as you like!! If you don’t like cilantro leave it out!!  Like sweet onions or hot onions you choose!! […]