Craft Studio, Crafty Decor Make it Yourself!!


I was scouring the internet looking for something to use to decorate my craft room!!  I found this amazing Nursery Wall decor.  I loved it right from the get go! I tried to find the crafter who made these, unfortunately  their Etsy shop is empty:-(. What else was I supposed to do????  Make them myself […]

Avalanche Bark! The Candy, the Myth, the Mystery!!!


I have been hearing a lot about something called  Avalanche Bark. So I started poking around the internet to find out what the buzz is about! I found all kinds of recipes, some with variations but I had never tasted this delicacy so before I made mine I wanted to go straight to the source!! […]

Headband Organizer DIY!


I love headbands and I have quite a few!! Vintage Rose Wraps being one of my favorites! Yes I have quite a few! I didn’t really have any place to store them!! This is what my collection looked like before I decided I needed to do something about this mess!!! No judging please!!! LOL!!! I […]

SNAP Conference Roommate Swag Altered Egg Cartons !


I fell in love with the altered egg cartons I have been seeing online and on Pinterest!  My creativity was ignighted!!! I found an online source and ordered brand new never used egg cartons.  They arrived quickly and were reasonably priced!! I attended SNAP last month and I went prepared to win friends and influence […]