I love FABRIC!!! I love to SEW!!!

If  you follow me on INSTAGRAM you know I recently bought a serger!! I have wanted a serger for years and now I have one!!  I am so excited to finally have one!!  I found it for a great deal at 35th Sew and Vac here in Phoenix!!  It is used and does not have all the bells and whistles but that is ok!  It does what I need it to do!!

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old and I love it!! I even remade my “blush pink”  wedding dress 5 years ago! It has been that long since I have actually “sewn” something.  It has been put on the back burner for a while now simply because it is easier to make a treat in the kitchen!! LOL!!

With the completion of my Craft Studio and going to SNAP I once again rediscovered my love of SEWING and FABRIC!!  I have been making these “sweet fabric treats” for my Kindle loving friends for a while now!!!  I also have business card holders that some of you have or have seen!!! 

I absolutely love all the fantastic fabric that  is available today!!  I love being able to coordinate them and create a cute accessory or clothing item!!   I have to say I love love love AMY Butler fabric!

I love Riley Blake Designs too!!  They are an awesome company!!  I had the pleasure of meeting a few of their team members at SNAP!

Photo Credit Riley Blake Designs

So with much encouragement and lots of support I am launching my online Store in the next few weeks!!!  I will announce the launch so stay tuned!  I will post on FB and Twitter so if you follow me there you will be the first to know!!

Have a great day!!  So excited for Summer and new “PINK” adventures!!  Stay SWEET!!



  1. I love Amy Butler fabrics too, though I dont sew! i get inspiration from her designs for other things though. Love that style.

    PS. Hello from the AZ blogger group on Facebook! :)

  2. Nicole, Thanks for stopping by!! I love your designs!! Fantastic!!

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