Food Photography with SoFabU!!!

I am so excited I am taking a online photography class through the fantastic organization Social Fabric!!

They have this created a online learning environment called SoFabU and I am one of the lucky ones to take their first class!!!

And boy do I need this class! It is all about food photography!! I am hoping to learn to take better pictures and learn to edit them also!!

I have taken a few good pictures like these:

I am hoping to take great photos all the time!!  Ok maybe not all the time but a good portion of the time!!  I am hoping to learn editing and food styling too it is all apart of being a good food photographer!!

Our first assignment was to share who we find inspiring as food photographers!!  Her is what I came up with!

Assignment 1 Inspiration

I would have to say 2 of my favorite bloggers with fantastic photography would be Heather from and Amy from  I really love their photography first of all because they are people just like you and I, they have not had years of photography education or training and yet they have amazing photos not just of food but of everything on their blogs.  And they use what they have in their homes for their photos just like we all do!  No special studios or lighting or props just what they have available to them,  I love that!
The professional food photographers is a bit more difficult as I don’t really follow any of them I look more at the men and women who are more like the every day person.  Somehow this makes the goal of becoming a better photographer more obtainable to me.  I know I will never be one of those “amazing” photographers, I would like to think that someday I will be a good photographer.  I also feel that in order to be an amazing food photographer you need to have a good eye for design, shape, color, and balance.  With being a good food photographer you also need to be a good food stylist, I really feel these go hand in hand.  With putting that out there I did some web surfing and found a couple of amazing food photographers and food stylists.
First would be Colin Cook of his photos are the “Amazing” photos.  The color light and balance he has in each photo is spectacular.  It is truly food that jumps off the screen!
The next photographer would be Con Poulos his clean simple photos are almost magical with a touch of whimsy in some!!  I love his style!!  Truly a gift!  His work is everywhere just google him and go to images amazing work!!

Ok this food stylist is wonderful!! Her name is Jennifer Jantz, She has such a flair it is fantastic  I guess I view food as light hearted and happy so it needs to be evident in the food and she captures that in her styling.
Another stylist that speaks to me is Catherin Kelty of her stylings are beautiful and graceful just amazing.

I could go on and on I came across some amazing talent on the internet but when it comes to real life I just want to take better photos of my food so hopefully you my readers will have a more pleasurable experience in my little corner of the blog-o-sphere!!

Stay tuned to see how this all works out!!  I would love your comments on the photos too so please follow along!



  1. I’ll always love that dipped cherry photo!

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