SNAP Conference Roommate Swag Altered Egg Cartons !

I fell in love with the altered egg cartons I have been seeing online and on Pinterest!  My creativity was ignighted!!!

I found an online source and ordered brand new never used egg cartons.  They arrived quickly and were reasonably priced!!

I attended SNAP last month and I went prepared to win friends and influence people!!  Well my roommtes at least!!  We all know when we go out of town you always need something that was forgotten at home!!  So I made these SNAP Conference Survival Kits!!

I simply took the Snap banner and created the label that I put on the top of the egg carton!!  Then I embellished it with some of my paper goodies in my scrapbook stash!!  I think it turned out pretty cute!!

On the inside I glued a cute paper envelope I found at Target in the SMASH Book section,  I put the micro mini first aid kit in it!! Two band-aids and a mini antibiotic ointment and and alcohol wipe!!

I filled the rest with bits and pieces of all kinds of things like, a razor, dental floss, cough drops, a headband, safety pins, emergency chocolate, and as much other small goodies I could fit in the carton!!

I was very pleased with how they turned out and I think my SNAP roommaes liked them  too!!

I had so much fun making and filling theses I want to make more but… I will have to wait until after my Online Store Launch and I have time!!

Yes you heard right I am getting ready to launch my Handmade Store so stay tuned I is going to be big!!  Tell all your friends to start watching for it!!!


    I was lucky enough to be one of Laura’s roommates at SNAP, and all I can say is, I want her for a roomie every year, if she’ll have me! She’s super sweet and fun ANYWAY, but when I saw her roommate swag carton, I just couldn’t believe it! It’s SO adorable!!! I’m not lying when I say I have it displayed on my office bookcase with a few of my other favorite ‘cuties’. And, um, that’s just what she gave us on DAY 1. She had AMAZING swag for us each and every day. She could teach the class on how to spoil your roommates!!!

    Laura, are you going to post the rest of your incredible swag? You are the BOMB DIGGEDY!!

  2. Awww Cindy! Your amazing!! I would love to be your roomie every year!! Yes I will be posting about all the swag I recived too!! Right now I am super busy sewing and cutting an pressing the yummy things I making for Pink Cake Plate Cafe!! I totally love the bracelet you gave ME for roomie swag!!!

  3. Super cute Lara!

  4. Darn message posted before I could finish…And spell your name right. Anyway…The egg cartons really are super cute and I love all the little details you included.


  5. No worries Tauni!!!

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