Headband Organizer DIY!

I love headbands and I have quite a few!! Vintage Rose Wraps being one of my favorites! Yes I have quite a few!
I didn’t really have any place to store them!! This is what my collection looked like before I decided I needed to do something about this mess!!! No judging please!!! LOL!!!

I know it’s pretty bad!

I have seen chicken wire or other kinds of wire  in frames used for a lot of different displays they’re pretty cute not to mention useful!  Like these!

I knew I could make one !!! I figured if I could make one anyone could, so hang on I am gonna show you how I made mine!!

First you are going to gather your supplies:
A frame, size and shape is your choice!
Chicken wire, I found mine at Home Depot
Paint, again your choice (I used a primer on mine first because it was painted dark purple)
Wire cutters
Staple gun and staples (lots of staples!!LOL!)

First your going to paint your frame! I started with the primer and then moved to the color!  I think you all know how to paint a frame so I am not going to go over too much about that!!  I used a primer from Rust-oleum!! It works fantastic! Only one coat and the purple was covered!


Here is the green I chose! It is from Martha Stewart’s new paint line!  I love the pearl shine!

 It took 2 coats of the green to get it to look how I wanted it!

I love how the color turned out!  It will match my Pink and Green Bathroom perfectly!  I let this dry overnight and then put in the chicken wire!

An important note here when working with sharp wire you will want to wear work gloves to protect your hands from injury!! Trust me on this one!!

You will need to measure your chicken wire to the size of your frame.  I made mine just larger than the frame itself.

Once the wire was cut I started stapling it down to the frame.  There was no real method to where I placed the staples I just placed them where I thought they would keep the wire down securely.

 I pulled the wire as taught as I could across the frame and stapled all the way around.  I then went around again and stapled the wire in the lip of the frame to make it even tighter across the frame.  Once this was done I cut the excess wire and bent the free wires back on themselves and stapled them down.  I did now want to have the wire loose and possible scratch or snag something.  Here is a closer look.  You can see I used a lot of staples!!

Here is what the back of the frame looked like.

And the front!

Lets take it to its new home to decorate!! I found these cute clothes pins at Michael’s and the pail at Target!  I don’t have time to make 25 cutesy clothespins!  And these work great!

I don’t have a lot of wall space in my Bathroom but I have this window that never gets open so the organizer is going to sit on the window sill and hold all my cute headbands!

And here it is all decked out with my Headband collection!!

A much-needed improvement doncha think???

If you have any questions on how I made this please let me know!!  I am not an expert I just do things the way I think they will work!!  :-) Have a fantastic day!!


  1. Wow! Awesome idea and it looks great!!

  2. Clever! I love how it turned out.


    {visiting from AZ Bloggers}

  3. Kacey,
    Thank you for stopping by!!!

  4. LooK at you! You are amazing!

  5. Brenda, Girlfriend YOU are amazing!

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