Day 4~12 Days of Christmas Candy Peanut Rocky Road Fudge!

Mr Pinkcakeplate loves Rocky Road ice cream and so I asked him what flavor of Fudge I should make next well you guessed it!!  Rocky Road Fudge but wait he didnt want the tradiditonal walnuts or almonds in his fudge oh no he had to have Peanuts!!


Look at that deep dark chocolate fudge oh my!!!


and those marshmallows~YUMMMMMMM!


Here is the super easy recipe!!!

Peanut Rocky Road Fudge

  • 1 Container Chocolate Frosting
  • 1 12 oz bag milk chocolate chips
  • ½ C chopped dry roasted peanuts (set aside 2T to sprinkle on top)
  • 1C mini marshmallows

  1. Place chocolate chips in bowl and set aside. Melt frosting in microwave (30-60 seconds should do it). Pour over chips and stir until all chips are almost melted add marshmallows and chopped peanuts (except the 2 T set aside)and stir into fudge until they are completely covered in fudge. Pour in 8×8″ pan lined in parchment paper. Sprinkle remaining chopped peanuts on top. Let set up cut into 1″ squares and enjoy!

Hope your having a great time with these recipes!!  I have gained 5 pounds in 4 days…J/K… I don’t think I am having fun!!LOL!!!


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