Bakerella, Bakerella, oh how we LOVE Bakerella!!!!


Friday night was such a fun night!!  I had the opportunity to meed the Cake Pop QUEEN Bakerella!!  PHOTOS COURTESY OF KATIE AT SWEET ROSE STUDIO Sara from Clever Pink Pirate and I arrived at the same time and we snagged seats in the front row!!!!  YAY!!  You should take a quick trip to her […]

Super Secret Holiday Pie Recipe~~Toll House Pie!


Ok I hinted I would share with you the one pie I make every year only for the Holidays!! I came across this pie when I lived in Connecticut and was working as a nanny.  When I first arrived in CT the mom I worked ofr took me out for a drive so I could […]

#VitaminD do you get enough????


How many of us today really eat right so that we get all the needed vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat???  Ok I confess I do not.  As hard as we all try it is just sometimes impossible to do this. With last month being my “31 Days of Pink” series breast health […]

BAKERELLA in Phoenix today!! EEEKKKK!!


Ok so I just have to follow suit and let you all know what I will be doing tonight!!!! I am  going to meet the QUEEN of Cake Pops herself!!!  Angie AKA Bakerella!!  She will be signing her absolutly adorable book…       And the kit…   I will be hanging out with some […]