Fun, cute and easy Countdown to Christmas Calendar! Tutorial!!

I am the most productive person when under a deadline!!  I do great and usually finish what I need to finish if given a dead line!!

I learned how to make this fun and easy “Countdown to Christmas” Activity/Calendar a number of years ago and I just love it!!  It uses simple things and is easy to make.  Yes you can make it tonight and have it ready to go for tomorrow!!  The little ones will love it!!

Here is your supply list:

Approximately 12 to 18 feet of plastic wrap (any brand will do I purchased mine at the $$ store)

24 individually wrapped candies or any small trinkets or toys (age apporopriate)

26  1″ x 4″ to 6″ length fabric strips or ribbon (can use scraps if you want)

small pair of scissors (I purchased children’s scissors at the $$ store)

18″ lenth of twine or ribbon

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Flat foam ornament (I purchased mine at Michael s and Hobby Lobby for about $1 each)



Step 1:

Unroll plastic wrap the length of your workspace.  If you only have 4 feet to work with that is ok it can be done in small lengths!!  I had about a 5ft length I worked with.

Step two:

Place candies lengthwise in the middle of the plastic wrap leaving about and inch between each piece.

Step 3:

Fold plastic wrap over the candies making sure they are overlapping each other.

Step 4:

Take one strip of fabric or ribbon and tie at the top of the first candy leaving a plastic wrap tail at the top.  Then continue to tie  strips between each candy.  I carefully flipped my candy over so my knots were in the front, you don’t have to do this I am kinda OCD about some things!!LOL!

When you have worked down the length of candies and wrap you can then unroll more plastic wrap and continue until you have all 24 candies secured in the wrap!!  It will be a long candy rope!!

Step 5:

Take the Foam ornament and flip it over so the back is face down.  You will then take the plastic wrap tail at the top and hot glue to the back of the ornament!!  You will also hot glue the twine or ribbon here too.  Tie the end of the twine to one handle of the scissors.

If you would like you can add some ribbon or fabric strip to the ornament to have a strong hanger.

How it works is you will cut one piece of candy for each day of December until Christmas Eve.  Once you reach the last candy it will be Christmas Eve, you can take the ornament and have each child hang theirs on the Christmas Tree!!!

That’s it!!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!!  I would love to see your calendar!!  Come back and let me know how yours came out!!!

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