Bakerella, Bakerella, oh how we LOVE Bakerella!!!!

Friday night was such a fun night!!  I had the opportunity to meed the Cake Pop QUEEN Bakerella!!


Sara from Clever Pink Pirate and I arrived at the same time and we snagged seats in the front row!!!!  YAY!!  You should take a quick trip to her site it is full of amazing ideas and ways to stretch your $$$$$$!!!

I look incredibly old in this photo!!!LOL!!!  We arrived very early so we chatted for a while.  It was so nice to just visit and relax while we were waiting for Angie to arrive!!! Well my other Bloggin’ gals arrive too it was one big Bakerella love fest and we were all in the FRONT ROW!!!!!

Ok lets see if I can name them all!!!LOL! from left to right…

Andrea {The Worley House}. Destiny {A Place For Us}, Katie{Sweet Rose Studio},

Amy {Pink Bow Bath Boutique}Joanna {Baked By Joanna}, Sara {Clever Pink Pirate},

Sara {Mom Endeavors},  and me on the end!!!

As we waited impatiently Sweet Bakerella responded to one of my tweets!! Yup she now can put a face to my Twitter ID!!!LOL

Angie {Bakerella} and her mother were as sweet and gracious as can be!!  They were so cute I wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home!!

After sharing some “secret” tips on making the best ‘Cake Pops” we were ecstatic to be able to sit for a moment or two and chat with our Cake Pop Queen!!! She even signed our books ya I know duh its a “book signing”!!!  LOL!!

Here she is with Kristy from Diary of Daves Wife!!!  Look at the shoes these two beauties wore!!!!  I would fall off those and hurt myself!!!  I am not that coordinated, and gave up heels long ago but how I do love them!!!

Hmmmm Black attire with beautiful suede pumps must have been the couture ensemble for the night!!  LOL!!  I missed the memo!!!

I was able to share a moment with her too!!  I told her of the 80 dozen Cupcake Bites I made for the gang out at Luke Air Force Base and how we now call them Air Force Crack!!!  I delivered 30 dozen to them yesterday and I am sure I will be sending more out there!!!

Ya that is not the best photo of me but oh well!!!

Yay I got my book signed!!!

I also was able to meet Kimberly from A to Sneed!!  She had her to adorable boys with her!!!

And in true groupie fashion we all hung around for a group photo!!!!

I had a great time with Bakerella and all my Blogging friends!!  Cant wait for our next get together!!!






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