Soooo Very Thankful Today Veterans Day 2011

I just want to share a quick thought with you my Dear Readers!!  Today is Veterans Day.  As you know this is the day we honor those who have dedicated their lives to keeping America Safe and most of all FREE.

My dear husband spent 21+ years in the United States Air Force. 

 I am honored and so proud he made the decision at the young age of 17 to serve our country in this manner.

I know I have shared this photo with you before but I want to share with you how much I love and honor this man.  I think this photo does a great job of that.  Yes I still look at him with stars in my eyes and a tingle in my heart.

Please take a moment today to remember those who have lost their lives protecting our beloved America.  Remember those who have served in the past.  Remember those who serve us today. 

America is free and safe because of the sacrifice of these men and women.  Let us not forget.


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