Simple Summer Mandarin Orange Salad! #tropicalfruit


Now Mandarin Oranges are not my favorite but Mr.Pincakeplate loves them, but we all love #tropicalfruit!!  I love Feta Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette!  Hmmm Dole had a great idea!   Lets marry these yummy flavors in a beautiful colorful salad! I went to my local Safeway to shop for my ingredients!  I love my Safeway!  It […]

Weight loss, Blog Stats, and feeling Blue…


Hey Readers todays post is a huge change from what I normally share.  Today I am pouring my heart out to you not in attempts to get your sympathy but in an attempt to open up about myself and share a part of myself I keep pretty closed off and I know there are many […]

Campfire Crack Candy!!! Summertime treat!


With it being summer everyone is out camping!!  What is the favorite dessert when you camp out???  S”Mores of course!!  I have seen so many yummy and wonderful “S’More” recipes out there like this one!! S’Mores Popcorn by Crazy Little Projects!  Doesn’t this look amazing?? Or how about a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’More from […]

Disneyland Smashbook!


In the paper crafting world Smash Books are all the rage these days.  So while I was on vacation celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary I went a little crazy and made my own Smash Book!! I started with my Passporter Guide and there is where the fun began!  You can purchase your very own […]