Tulip Pops!! Soo cute!!

Remember my shopping trip from this POST?  I found the Tulip Snack Cakes at my local Walmart and had to have them!!  I think a snack cake once in a while is not going to kill anyone!!  I prefer homemade but these were so cute I had to have them!!  I grabbed a box and brought them home!!  


I had to “doll” them up just a teeny tiny bit!!

Here is what you will need:

Tulip Snack Cakes

Candy melts~I used hot pink

8 inch paper lollipop sticks


 Here is what I did.  I melted some pink candy melts and drizzled it across the cakes, coated the end of an 8 inch paper lollypop stick and inserted in the bottom of the cake and sprinkled with sprinkles!!!  That’s it!!!  Again another SUPER easy idea for spring!! 

Here is the final product!!  I think they turned out pretty cute and wouldn’t these be a great Easter Basket treat or to just to give away!!

I think these turned out sooooooo cute!!  What do you think???


  1. Sooo cute! I love all the varities of their snack cakes and always snag a box at the beginning of the season. I haven’t seen the tulips… gotta snag some for a Dutch theme’d baby blessing I’m putting on next month. Thank you for sharing Laura!

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