Round Two:Doggie Manners with Milk-Bone® Treats #ILoveMyk9 and #CBias

I have been working with these girls to try to improve their manners!!!

They need to learn to sit and stay!!! They know both commands but putting them together and having them stay for a period of time has been difficult.  Usually when they get fed I make them go out of the kitchen and give them the command to sit and stay.  This is really difficult for them as they get so excited while they  wait until I have dished up their meal!

Instead of giving the girls a treat after their meal I have changed the order just a bit to help with their training. They are given the “Sit” and Stay” command, and are then given a Milk-Bone® Treat when given the “come” command (all commands must be completed successfully.   If not we do it again.) They have definitely been much more responsive to the “Sit” and Stay” command this last week, after learning there is a treat involved!!

Let me introduce you to my girls:

This is Cinnie!  She is attention motivated and my eternal 2-year-old!!  Everyone who meets her thinks she is still a puppy!  She is silly and full of energy!!  She loves her Squeaky toys!!

This is Sophie and she is my “lil ol lady”  I can pretty much predict her every move!!  She is now 11 and still in good health and loves her treats!!  You can see the grey in her muzzle and on her paws!!  I just love her!!  She is sweet and mild-tempered!

Here they both are waiting for the “come” command!  They both know there is a treat waiting!

I am sorry I don’t have any photos of me giving them their treats!!  I need to hire a photographer!!  It gets a bit difficult to train and take photos at the same time!!! :-)

I have to say they have both done extremely well with this “etiquette” training!!  We still have some work to do but with the help of Milk-Bone® Treats, Lean Pup-Peroni Treats and Milo’s Kitchen Treats we are off to a great start!!

If you are on twitter you can follow our progress with our training!!  Just use the hashtag #ILoveMyk9 to see the latest updates from me and others who are using Milk-Bone® Treats, Lean Pup-Peroni Treats and Milo’s Kitchen Treats with their training!

If your trying to train your canines these products are winners in my book!!  My girls love them!! Look for the coupon on boxes of Milk-Bone® Treats!!  I like to save money too don’t you???

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  as always “all opinions are my own” .


  1. That last picture is priceless! I know they were super excited to receive their treats.

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