Houndstooth Vintage Cake Plate using Mod Podge!

We have all seen the adorable vintage Cake Plates that have been floating around the internet!!  Here is a great Tutorial from Home Heart Craft

And these are  adorable by Five-O-Eight

I have made many some small some large!!  So I decided to combine two techniques to create a one of a kind Cake Plate that can be customized by YOU!!

You might want to take a look at this post Paper Doll Plates it shows the tutorial in photos for the plate portion!

So here is my twist using both techniques of Mod Podging Fabric to a glass plate and  painting the base to make a one of a kind Cake Pedestal!!  The fabric and paint combinations are endless!!

I am not going to go over too much detail!

Here is your supply list:

Fabric of choice enough to cover the back of plate

Clear glass plate- these can be found at the Dollar Store or I found some at IKEA

Foam brush

Mod Podge

E-6000 glue

candle stick or small flower vase

spray paint

I started out by spray painting the “pedestal” portion of the plate.  I did about 2-3 coats ensuring it was sufficiently coated.

While it dried I broke out the Mod Podge!!

This is where you will want to take a look at the Paper Doll Plate Tutorial it has photos!!!

I put a healthy dollop of Mod Podge on the back of my plate I spread it out making a thin coat that completely covered the back of the plate.  I then placed the fabric face down on top of the wet Mod Podge.  I used my hands to smooth the fabric to the back of the plate.  I placed another coat of Mod Podge on the back of the fabric making sure it was even and there were no buckles or bubbles in the fabric.  The fabric will be very wet!!  I let this dry until tacky (about an hour) and then did one more coat of Mod Podge.  I let this dry over night making sure it was completly dry.  Now there was the edge of the fabric around the plate that needed to come off.  I first used my sharpest scissors cutting the fabric as close to the edge of the plate as possible.  Once this was done I took very fine sand paper and sanded the edge of the fabric until it was flush with the plate and smooth to the touch!  Be careful you can sand too much off!

With the pedestal portion dry and the plate portion dry I used my E-6000 to bond them together.


I placed the E-6000 around the edge of the top of the vase/candlestick and positioned it in the middle of the plate.

This cured for 24 hours!!   Then it is done!!  I love the pop of color the ribbon tied around the bottom gives it!!! And you can change the color of the bow to match any decor or cupcake!

These are not dishwasher safe and you will just want to wipe the plate with a damp cloth!!  I love the way this turned out!!  Let me know what you think!! Or if you have questions let me know!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!




  1. That looks so great … the black and white is striking and houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns.

  2. Crazy, I just did a post on this very same thing almost that very same way this week! Yours looks fab!

  3. Hi Laura…I love your idea! I also love the contrast of the yellow (my favorite color).

  4. I really LOVE this one! Love from your favorite stalker! haha

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