Good Morning!!

I suck at posing on my blog!!!  Where does everyone find the time to post updates on their blog I just dont know!!!  Between a 40 hour work week with a 37 mile commute each way, trying to get to the gym, hobbies and my Dove Chocolate Discovery business I have no time to blog!!!  Ok I have a little time!!!!

You wonder what Dove Chocolate Discoveries is well let me SHOW you!!

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is Mars’s Premium line of Chocolate treats, baking items and candy making tools and much more!!  Mars has created a Direct Sales venue for this line of Product!!  You cannot purchase these products in the store you have to find a Chocolatier!!!  Thats ME!!!  I have been sharing DCD for about 18 months now and I love it!!!  I love sharing Chocolate specifically DCD with friends and just about anyone I meet!!!  So if you see me ask me about DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES!!!  If you want to see more visit my web site


Make sure you take a closer look at the Customer Promotion for September!!!  This is a crazy good deal!!  The Tempering unit sells for $400 we sell it for $299 but if you buy the Candyland bundle you can get it for $100!!  Can you believe that???  What a deal!!!

If you want to know more contact me!!!

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