From Plain Jane Sandals to BoHo Chic!!

I don’t know if any of you have ever suffered with Planters Fascistic?  Well let me tell you it is like you have a bruised heel that never goes away!  I have struggled with this ailment for well over a year.  Some days it is hardly noticeable and some days it I don’t want to even walk.  Pain meds and orthopedic splints help, but the worst is trying to finding shoes or sandals that have some support and are cute!!   And to make finding sandals even more difficult I cant stand having things between my toes!!  Forget flip flops!!  Mr. Pink Cake Plate and I were out shopping and I found these…

They are OK.  Nothing special.

Even on they are pretty boring!  Comfortable but dull!!

Well my little brain had a crafty little thought!!  We see the cute shoes that are all sparkly and have all kinds of embellishments on them.  I thought I can do that to these little sandals and I did!!!

Here’s an easy peasy tutorial how to Glam up your Plain Jane sandals or shoes!!

Here is what you will need in addition to your shoes.

Choose your embellishments and I love E-6000 glue!!

Put a good size drop of the E-6000 glue on the front of the back medallion.

Place your smaller medallion on top and put another drop of glue on the smaller medallion.

Place your final embellishment on top and let it dry for 24 hours.

These are the ones I chose to put on my sandals!

I liked the white flower  it matched the white stitching on the sandals.  I put a ton of E-6000 on the back of the medallion.

I then place the medallion on the sandal and made sure it was where I wanted it.

I used clothes pins to add pressure so the glue would dry more securely to the sandal!

And after 24 hours they were done!!!  Here is the finished project!!

Yes that’s right BoHo Chic!!

I think they turned out pretty cute!!  What do you think???  Leave me your thoughts!!


  1. What a fun idea! I love that!

  2. Steph, Thanks for stopping by!! It was so good to see you last week!! I love the desktop!!!

  3. Cute!

  4. SUPER cute!!! Love this idea. Thanks so much for linking up this week :)

  5. Laura, what a great idea!! Love the embellishments!!

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