Blogger Event @DownEastBasics!!!

Monday I recieved an email from my Blog Mentor and Hero Sara from it was for an event at Down East Basics!!!  Do you know who they are????  If not you should check them out!

I love their clothes unfortunately my body does not!!!LOL!  My grandma body is too big for most of these lovely clothes!!  However I did mention to the Regional Manager they needed to extend their sizes!!  Maybe someday they will!!  Real grandmas have curves!!!LOL!!

I met some amazing bloggers Monday night!!  I met the adorable Melanie from Reasons to Skip the Housework it was so fun to meet her IRL!!  I loved getting to know her and learning more about her and her adventures!!

I also met up with Sara from Super Savings Sense she and I looked at just about everything and I asked her umpteen questions about the MomMob trip to Blogher11.  I am so going next year.   Maybe they will let me hang out with their group or I can just be one of their groupies???No?

Well after looking at all these:

I am now determined to lose some weight so I can fit into these beautiful clothes.  I absolutely love all of these and love the look of Down East clothes!!

Did I mention we were each given a $25.00 gift card to spend in the store???  Ya how about that!!!  I ended up getting of all things this fantastic PINK purse!! One size fits all!!!LOL!!  I love it it has a ton of pockets outside as well as  a ton inside!!!

I also had them order this for me!!

I love it and as you can see it is PINK!!!  I cant wait until it comes in!

If you get a chance check out Down East Basics!!


  1. It was great meeting you this past week! Very cute blog!

    Rachel so good to meet you too!!! Your daughter is adorable!!! Thanks for stoppin by my little corner of the Blog-o-sphere!!!

  2. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    Aw, thanks for the shout-out! The event was super fun!

  3. sweet clothing. adore the grey ruffle flavor. hmm…might have to go check that out.
    nice meeting your blog.
    and thank you for coming by and visiting for a bit. so very nice of you!

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