Yummy Breakfast Ham Cupcakes!

I had the fun opportunity to have dinner with my dear friend Sara from Mom Endeavors!  If you haven’t stopped by her site you really should she has amazing ideas like this one which I love!!

Heart Shaped Pizza!!  Arent the little heart pepperonis adorable??

Well as we were chatting I started complaining about how I never have time to do anything and she mentioned to try bulk cooking so since I had a couple of days off I decided to make Breakfast Ham Cupcakess!  Now I know they are all over the bog-o-sphere but I have to say they were a huge hit at my house!!

So here is an easy tutorial!!  This is what you need!

Easy Ham Cupcakess

24 slices Ham ( I used First Street Honey Ham)

9 eggs under cooked just a bit (they will finish cooking in the oven)

8oz grated sharp cheddar cheese

2T Butter

You will cook your eggs until they are almost done (this is called “wet” eggs) they will finish cooking in the oven!

Cook eggs in your melted butter!!  YUMMM!

Take and spray your muffin pan with cooking spray and line each cup with 2 slices of ham.  I bunched the ham  to fit in the cups.

Scoop the cooked eggs into each cup

Then cover with grated cheese!

Pop these in a  350  degree preheated oven for 10 minutes!  Watch carefully so they don’t burn!!!

These were a huge hit at my house!!  My husband ate 2 of these and my son ate 4!!  The rest were put in the freezer for my grab and go breakfasts for work!!

I love them!!  And since I am going to try Atkins to lose some weight these are  low carb too!!  Woot!!


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