Wo doesnt love a great deal??? Scrapbook Supplies???

After spending the morning at the hospital then taking my son to the bank, dropping him off at work and getting out to the AFBase to make a deposit at OUR bank I finally had some “ME” time!!!   So the Base Exchange was across the street from the bank so I took a detour and boy was I LUCKY!!!  Take a look at what I found!!!

First up:  Martha Stewart Rotary cutter and 3 blades.  Total cost $8.88

Now I made a stop at Michaels this is what I found.  Rotary cutter $24.99 Blades $5.99 @ total $42.96 even with a 40% off coupon I paid less for the same items!!  WhhhoooooHoooooo!!  I love when I save $$$$.  Don’t you???

So this is my total purchase approximately $22.00!!  Look at all the goodies I got!!

I purchased the Rotary Cutter and 3 blades, 4 pkgs mini shopping bags, 2 white ink pads, 2 Happy Birthday Banners!!  All for about $22.00 I’m lovin it!!!

Now on to “Le Tarje” aka Target!!  I wasn’t able to do comparisons on this purchase but  feast your eyes on all the goodness I snatched up!!

Here we have 3 Paper Packs, 3 pkgs Rhinestones, 1 sheet of Stickers, and this little case filled with embellishments!!

I love this little case take a peek at all the cute embellishments all packed in an adorable case that I can alter!! Bonus for me!!!

And here is the great thing…wait for it     It cost me a grand total…wait for it!!

Drum roll Please…

I know its hard to read but this little beauty cost a total of $2.98 plus tax!!!  I am so totally happy with all the great deals I scored today!!!

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