Trying Something new to make my Holidays easier

How many of us are totally stressed out during the Holiday Season? I know I am between work, shopping, blogging, baking, crafting and everything else the Holidays entail it can get totally crazy!!  I was online searching for printable planners to help me get better organized with the blog and I came across Organized Christmas!!

I am so excited to use this site!!  It has so much to keep you on track for your Holiday Planning!! I love Printables and this site is FULL of them!!  I love making planners!!  I must have a paper planner I really like being able to jot down notes and use check lists!!!

The other thing I really like this is you can customize it to make it work for you!! They even have some different “Plans” that you can choose from!

You can pick the pages you want and organize your planner so it works the best for you!!!  I love that!!  I really like how they have broken it down to the last 6 weeks before Christmas.  Lets be serious here how many of us really start planning for Christmas in July or August?  I confess NOT ME!!!

So were already 2 weeks into this and I am playing catch up!!  LOL!!  But I kinda got caught up in creating my own cover!!  They have covers you can print too!!  I went a little crazy printing off my “filler” pages but you never know how many you will need  and its so nice you can print more!!

So later tonight Mr. Pinkcakeplate and I are going to sit down and start some Holiday planning!!  I have already started with some things but we both need to figure out the budget!!

You want to see my planner??    Here it is!

I created my cover insert in Photoshop using some amazing digital graphics from my sweet friend Rhonna Farrer’s store! I used a 1 inch binder with clear inserts on the outside. I had my cover printed as 8×10 photos which worked perfectly!! they just slip into the cover of the binder! I also did some “hybrid” creating too!!  I found these adorable embellishments at Wal Mart,  they added a cute touch to the printed cover!!  I love “bling”!!  I also found some cute washi tape and put some on the actual outside of the binder!!  That’s it !! That is all I did!!

I will give y’all an update in a few weeks to let you know how this is working for me!!  What do you do to keep from going crazy during the Holiday Season??  Please tell me I need all the help I can get!!!



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