L-O-V-E Candle Tutorial

Are you looking for a super easy and quick craft you can knock out in an hour or so??  I have the perfect and easiest craft for you my L O V E Candle tutorial will take you just a few minutes and you will have a pretty set of candles you can use just about anywhere!!

lovecandlesfinalWouldn’t this look pretty on a table or on your mantle??  And I am telling you it is soooo easy!!

Here is what you need:

lovecandlessuppliesWith just a few supplies you will be ready to go!!

  • 4 tall candles~I found mine at Dollar Tree
  • 2 sheets vellum or transparent scrapbook paper 8″x11″
  • Edge punch-this is optional you do not have to do this part at all!
  • Elmers CraftBond™ Permanent Tape Runner or any other double sided tape
  • self adhesive Scrapbook bling to match your paper
  • HP Printer

I have created the letters in PDF format simply click on the letters and save to your computer!



The graphics I used are from Rhonna Farrar!! You can find more of her amazing digital art HERE!

Using your HP Printer simply print the letters on your scrapbook transparent paper.

lovecandles1aCut letters apart horizontally at the 6.5″ measurement.


Take the edge punch and punch the top and the bottom of the paper. This step is totally optional these can be made with or without the edging.


Wrap the paper around the candle and secure in the back with the double sided tape.


Now everyone loves a little bling and these self adhesive rhinestones are perfect!!


That is it your done!!  Isn’t that just as easy as can be???  And look how pretty they are!!


There you have it!! Easy and pretty Valentines Candles!!  My  total cost was about $6.00!! Cant beat that either!!!

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