Pink Chevron Infinity Scarf! Winterize that cute summer Maxi Skirt!!

I  love Maxi Skirts it is true they hide so much and look so good!!  This summer I bought about 4 maxi skirts!!  I have one from Old Navy that I absolutely love,  it is a blue and white stripe.

I was trying to think how I could winterize this skirt enough to wear it to Church the next day!!  Yes I am like that think of something the day before I want to wear or use it and then it is a mad frenzy to “get-r-done”!!!

So with the skirt being my inspiration piece I headed to my closet …

Boots are wintery aren’t they??  Ok Boots check!  Denim is all season, but super for layering! Denim Jacket  check! I have a white tee for layering!  White tee check!

Now to pull it together!!  Like a bolt of lightning it hit me!!!  INFINITY SCARF!!!  Living in Arizona I try to shy away from draping anything around my neck for fear I would be too hot!!  Well it has gotten a bit chilly here in AZ so this was a perfect way to accessorize my pretty boring outfit!!

Off to Joann’s I went to search for the perfect knit fabric to make my Infinity Scarf!!  I did a quick google search for a Infinity Scarf Tutorial and found one on the Simplicity website!!  Booya!!  We are cooking with gas now baby!!

At Joann’s I found 3 different fabrics that would work perfectly!!!  All three being very light weight knit which is perfect!!  I found this cute Pink Chevron, a nice heather Pink and a nice heather Blue!  I was in and out of Joann’s in less than 30 minutes and spent less than $15 both of which are a feat of magic! LOL!

It was home to get sewing!!!  The Tutorial was perfect and I had my scarf done in less than 30 minutes!!  I had a few issues with my sewing machine so this would have most likely only taken me 20-25 minutes to make!!!


Here is a close up of the scarf!!

pinkchevronscarf 2

I posted a photo on Instagram yesterday but do you want to see the whole outfit all put together???  Ok her I am in all my Plus-Size beauty!!! (staying positive here!!) LOL!!


So what do you think??? Yay! or Nay!

Well…I loved the look so much I wore it to work on Monday!!! I am so loving my Pink Chevron Infinity Scarf!  Now I think I want to make a crochet Infinity scarf!!!!

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