Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sammies!!

So its still super hot here in Arizona and a lot of kiddos have gone back to school!  How about a 3 ingredient, after school treat that takes literally five minutes to make!!  You guessed it Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sammies!!


Don’t those look adorable and yummy at the same time??  What else is really fun is there are so many different varieties of Oreo cookies and  Ice Cream flavors there are at least a bazillion different sammies you could make!!!  Today I used plain old vanilla ice cream and original Oreo Cookies!!  Oh ya you can even change up the sprinkles to chopped nuts or mini chocolate chips!!!  See the possibilities are endless!!


These are so stinkin’ simple you don’t need me to show you how but I will!!!

First you will want to carefully separate the cookie its ok if the filling doesn’t stay on the one side were going to plop ice cream on it!!


I have a bazillion cookie scoops and I grabbed this two tablespoon scoop but you can just use a spoon to scoop out the ice cream.  Place on top of one side of the Oreo.

icecreamsammiesstep2I then mushed the ice cream down a little and placed the top of the cookie on the ice cream!

icecreamsammiesstep3Then here is the really fun part!!  Rolling the sides in the sprinkles!!!  I just love sprinkles they make everything happy!!

icecreamsammiesstep5I put them back in the freezer to harden up just a bit but you could eat them right away if you wanted!!


So tell me what flavor Oreos and Ice Cream would you use to make your  Oreo Ice Cream Sammies??  I want to try the Mint Oreos with mint chocolate chip ice cream rolled in you guessed it mini chocolate chips!!!  How does that sound to you????  I really want to know your Ice Cream Sammie creation leave me a comment I might just make yours!!!


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