No-Sew Re-usable Party/Baby Shower Bunting

Last Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my Blogging/IRL friend Sara from Mom Endeavors.  I shared with you about the fantastic find from the amazing and talented Rhonna Farrar   (you can read her post HERE). FABRIC GLUE STICKS!!   I fell in love with these glue sticks for fabric!!  So here is the easiest fabric bunting you could make!!

This is what you will need:

Fabric of Choice

I used burlap and leftover striped fabric from the crib cover I made for the baby shower

2″ Grosgrain Ribbon

Hot glue gun

Fabric hot glue sticks

Step one:

Cut all triangles,  I used 2 sizes of triangles,  one about 1/2 inch larger.  In my case the burlap being the larger pennant.

Step 2:

Using the glue gun adhere the 2 pieces of fabric, the smaller piece on top.  I do not have a photo of this but I think you understand what I mean!! :-)

I cut out letters with my Cricut from vinyl and adhered them to the face of each pennant.  Using the vinyl makes this re-usable!!  I just peel the old letters off and put new ones on!!  I love that!!

Step 3:

Lay your ribbon face down,  place a line of glue to the front of the very top of the pennant,  flip the pennant so it is face down,  adhere to the back of the ribbon.  Be careful the glue is HOT!!


Repeat step 3 until all pennants are on your bunting. I just eyeballed it as to how far apart I wanted the pennants, I then measured between the first two pennants and had the “in between” measurement for the rest of the pennants.

Sorry this photo is horrible I tried I honestly tried!!  LOL!

That is all it takes!!  I made this in about an hour and a half!  And there you have it a no-sew re-usable bunting!!  I hope this is helpful for you non-sewers out there!!  Sometimes using the hot glue gun can make things just as nice and much quicker!!






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