I Can Do Hard Things! 2013 is gonna be Amazing!

Yes I can do hard things!!!  So with the beginning of a new year I have made some very difficult decisions and goals for myself and this little blog.  And yes they are hard.

I took a few days off from blogging to evaluate and ponder these decisions and in my heart I feel they are good decisions.  I even toyed with the idea to stop blogging yes its true.  I wonder everyday if this little blog is benefiting anyone besides myself, if it is consuming too much of my time, if I have learned what I wanted to learn from blogging.  I struggle to come up with new ideas and struggle with finding the time to create, cook, sew, photograph and do blog posts once I come up with an idea, and some of them have been flops, that can be hard to handle.  So yes this blog has been under some of my own scrutiny for the past few days.

However I have made the decision to CONTINUE blogging for the simple reason “I have not learned all I want to learn from blogging” there is much more I want to do with this little blog!!  So Hard Thing #1 is blogging!!!   I hope you will hang in there with me I love your comments and support and as we know Pink Cake Plate would truly be nothing without you my dear Readers!

You my Readers are also aware of my struggles with my weight.  I won’t lie to you losing weight for anyone is difficult.  For some it requires full-time attention and this is how it is for me.  So again I have added yet another thing on my plate!! (no pun intended!!LOL!)  I have had many successes and failures in this arena of my life you can read a little more about it on this post Weight loss, Blog Stats, and feeling Blue…  I have taken many drastic measures to lose weight throughout the course of my life I have at one point weighed 300 lbs and I am creeping back up there.  I was much younger when I weighed this much and my body could handle it better, not so much now!! LOL!!  It seems when I had my 50th birthday everything went to hell in a hand basket. My general health is great however I have arthritis in my knees and hips and since this is where I carry most of my excess weight it is painful for me to move…so I don’t!  Well I recently signed up for a fun course called Move More Eat Well 2.0!

Big Picture Classes
Here is a brief synopsis of the class:

In MMEW 2.0 you will be creating a simple 8 1/2″ x 11″ album to document the journey. There is incredible power in writing about the process of trying to make changes in your life. Each month, you’ll create a layout using class templates and downloadable elements.

Cathy will be encouraging you to write every month and she will be sharing her own album pages with you throughout class. This class will also build a community of women (and possibly a few men) supporting one another, sharing the highs, lows and in-betweens of making real and lasting changes.

And when someone falls off the horse of health and fitness (and even Cathy has had her share of falls over the past few years), we’ll dust ourselves off and get back on and ride. Are you with us?

Hard Thing #2 is moving more!!!  This online course is being led by one of my favorite digital designers Cathy Zielske,  I have followed her journey for the last couple of years and so when I found out about this course I decided I had to do this!!!  In Cathy’s pre class assignment she shared this with us.

 One thing I want you to connect to right now is the following idea:  I am going to miss the mark sometimes, and that’s okay.  I want you to say it aloud, right now. Go on. Do it. With feeling.

 I love this we are human and we will not always hit our mark or goal!!  We have to accept that!

Moving more would be nothing without eating well.  We all know diet and exercise are what leads to weight loss so on to Hard Thing #3 Lose weight.  I want not only document my journey with scrapping it but I want to open up to you Readers and share with you my success and failures, what works for me and what doesn’t,  so I have started a weight loss plan that is pretty drastic but will wield the results I want.  It is not a New Years Resolution it is a New Life Resolution as this is lifestyle change for me.  So I want to share with you on a weekly basis my weight loss journey I hope that is ok!!

 disclaimer: I am not a doctor, a nurse or an expert on weight loss or healthy eating. I have just been there done that!!LOL!!

I will still have the yummy recipes and fun projects that I normally do but the recipes could be Hard Thing #4!!!LOL!!  I will cross that bridge when I get there!!!

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