Disney’s Superbuddies Rings of Inspiron Super Hero Bracelet!!

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Are you familiar with Disney’s “Buddies” series??  Well I am and because I am dog lover I thoroughly enjoy these movies.  A little know fact about me is I was a Nanny a million years ago and my “family” whom I was employed by owned a beautiful golden retriever.  I loved Casey she was a beautiful Golden Retriever,  she was an amazing dog,  so sweet!! I am so happy that these movies feature Golden Retriever pups!!  Love that totally!!!  Well guess what???  The latest addition Disney Super Buddies is hitting the stores on August 27th!!  Take a peek at this trailer!!

I was able to take a sneak peak at this movie and I loved it as much as I loved the others.  So much that it inspired me to make this super easy kid friendly craft!!  A Disney’s Superbuddies Rings of Inspiron Bracelet

ringsofinspironbraceletglamorshot Now you will have to watch the movie to get “The Rings of Inspiron” connection!!LOL!!

This is such an easy craft you can make with your kids!!  It took me about 10 minuets to make this adorable bracelet!!

Here is what you will need!


Craft floss or Bakers twine 8 feet

5 Plastic Pony Beads


Washi tape or regular tape


Thats it!!

Measure out your floss,  you will need to have 8 12″ lengths.  Gather all 8 pieces of floss,  tie a knot about 2 inches down from one end of the floss.  Tape it down to a piece of cardboard or even the back of a cereal box.  I took another small piece of washi tape and taped the ends of all 8 strands of floss together.


You will then tie 2 more knots, two inches from the first knot.


After you tie the first knot the second knot needs to be tied on top of the other knot!  This is so the pony beads don’t slip and slide around!


This is where it gets fun!!  Lets put on the “RINGS” You can put them in any order you like!!!  I wanted the silver one in the middle!!  Simply slip each bead over the taped end of the floss!


After all 5 “RINGS” are on the floss repeat the double knot about 2 inches from the last knot.


Measure 2 inches from the double knot and make your last knot!

Trim the ends and tie the bracelet around your wrist just like you would a friendship bracelet!


It is such an easy bracelet to make and it ties in with the rules of this movie!!  Plus when wearing the bracelet your kiddos will have thief own “RINGS” of Inspiron with them!!!  There are 4 “Super Buddy” rules but this is my favorite “Super Buddy” rule!


Isn’t that the truth??  No super powers needed to be a Super Hero sometimes a simple smile can change someones whole day!!

This movie is great for a family movie night!  It is funny and cute!!  I love John Ratzenburger’s performance as “Super Grandpa” hilarious!!

You can own your own copy of this adorable movie on Blu-Ray or DvD on August 27th.

For more fun you can visit the Super Buddies FaceBook page or the Super Buddies Pinterst Board!

Oh ya a few of my favorite bloggers have some more Super Buddies fun for you!!  Take a look!!

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Go out and have a “Super Buddy” day!!  No Super Powers needed!!


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