Disney Photopass another one of my favorite things!!

Most of you know we recently visited Disneyland last month!! And I shared with you my Disneyland  Smashbook HERE:

Now most of you know I am in no way shape or form a photographer!  But I did take my “Big Girl Camera” with me on this trip!!  Did it even make it into the Parks??  Absolutely not!!  Why??  Well there are 3 reasons.  One, my phone! It takes fantastic photos and I shared a lot of them on Instagram!!  I love that!!  Two, it was hot I did not want to have a heavy camera strapped around my neck to cause me more discomfort than I was already in!!  And three,  DISNEY PHOTO PASS!!!

When we visited Walt Disney World in 2009 Mr. Pinkcakeplate insisted on purchasing the Disney Photo Pass.  I was not too sold on it at the time but when we arrived home I was soooooo glad he insisted on making the purchase!

So just what is the “Disney Photo Pass?”  Ok I was going to do a breakdown of what the Disney Photo Pass is but Allears.net has done a fantastic job explaining what it is and what it entails, so for a fantastic post about what the Disney Photo Pass is go HERE!

But a basic synopsis from Wikipedia is:

Disney’s PhotoPass is a professional photography service offered at Disney theme parks, water parks, and resorts. Photographers positioned at locations in the theme parks, dining events at the resorts, and at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Downtown Disney are linked to a free card containing a unique serial number. Guests can view or purchase PhotoPass pictures at locations in the parks (generally near the park entrance) or online by registering the card’s number.

In addition to photographers stationed in front of iconic attractions such as Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom, or Spaceship Earth at Epcot, photos taken while riding Test Track at Epcot can be incorporated onto the guests PhotoPass account. Guests can also incorporate Disney themed borders, text and characters into their photos. In some locations, photographers stage photos for later inclusion of effects such as fairy wings, or placement of images of Disney characters such as Simba or Stitch. Private photography sessions can also be arranged at Walt Disney World resorts.

Here is a photo from our trip n 2009:  This is before any editing on the Disney Photo Pass website.  I love this picture!!

 And here is after I added a cute border!  You can see I also zoomed in a bit!


We were there for Mickey’s Halloween Party so here is a before night photo:

And here is the edited version!

I love how this border kind of hides the other people in the background of the picture!!  Isn’t the castle beautiful??  I would not have been able to take a picture this nice with my camera!!

This trip in July we were able to visit Carsland!!  Oh my it was so much fun!!

I think I have decided I enjoy Disneyland more than Disneyworld.  I like that Disneyland is smaller and you can visit both parks and Downtown Disney in the same day if you wanted to!

So here are a few pictures from our Disneyland trip.  From our Disney Photo Pass of course!!

This is before: A “Magic Shot”

And after editing:


Not the greatest photo of me but oh well!!  Here is the after:

and finally here is one of my favorite pictures from Carsland, before:

And here is the after!!  I love this frame it is so cute!!!

And yes I wore my favorite Vintage Rose Wrap for almost the whole trip!!LOL!

The cost for the Photo Pass varies we paid $69 for this Pass and honestly I don’t remember what we paid in 2009.  I love the Disney Photo Pass I get the pictures I want, I don’t have to carry my heavy camera, or stop and ask someone to take our picture!!! Disney has done it again making another convenience for its guests!!

And Yes we will be using this service again when we visit Disneyland in December with our granddaughter!!!

I did not receive any compensation in any way for this post from Disney,  I just think the Disney Photo Pass is a great product and wanted to share it with you my readers!


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