Day 6~”31 Days of Pink” Gettin’ ready for Sleep Pink!!


You all know how much I love to make my chocolate lollies??  Well later today I am having  a couple of my friends over for a “Sleep Pink” event so I am making PINK mustache lollies for favors!!  (More about Sleep Pink tomorrow!)  So let’s get started!!

I had leftover white candy melts and these awesome bright pink candy melts so I mixed them to create the perfect shade of PINK for my Lollies!!

I used my candy melting method ~ microwaving for 20-30 seconds stirring in between until completely melted!!


I filled my mustache mold and gently tapped the mold to release any air bubbles and then popped them in my freezer for a bout 10 minutes!

When they were set they just popped out!

I tied these with a PINK ribbon and you have your cute party favor!!

And there you have PINK mustache lollies!!  Hope you have a great evening!!

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