Day 24~”31 Days of PINK” Wendy from Choosing Love, Arizona Moms Network, Heart Prints, and Sunflower Photograpy

Today’s guest is a new dear friend Wendy from Choosing Love, Arizona Moms Network, Heart Prints, Sunflowers Photography,!!  Yes that is right 4 Blogs!!  How she does this I do not know!!! Amazing is all I can say.  I met Wendy a couple of months ago and instantly adored her!!  She is wonderful, kind, understanding and brilliant!!  I had the opportunity to spend more time with her a week or so ago at Bloggy Boot camp in Las Vegas.  I was able to soak in all her radiance and it was just splendid!!  I am so thrilled she is here today sharing her “PINK” story with us today!!
One simple test.
Two straight lines.
Without any warning, my path to motherhood began.
I never wanted to find out the gender of my child-to-be.
But then the big “C” entered our life.
My father’s health was failing.
Cancer gave us few days.
Only a miracle would allow him to see his first-born grandchild.
So I changed my mind.
The physician said “100% girl” during the ultrasound.
Our little baby suddenly became our little girl.
My husband and I talked and dreamed during the 1,150 mile drive home.
All those long, dark sections of road eventually led to Daddy’s house.
By the time we arrived, she had a name.
My father was the first one we told.
He bought her a beautiful pink dress.
But he was not convinced.
He just shook his head.
“It is not a girl.”
He was serious.
I did not believe him.
I was six months along in my pregnancy when my father took his last breath.
A few days after his funeral service an ultrasound gave us another look at our little girl.
Only she wasn’t a girl.
At all.
She was a he.
Oh how those two pink lines changed my life.
Even if they turned out to be blue.
Wendy Wright is the author of Choosing Love. A homeschooling mom of two boys who owns Arizona Moms Network, Heart Prints, Sunflowers Photography, and hosts regular Mom’s Nite Out events. You can follow her tweets on TWITTER, Please go like her FACEBOOK page,  check out her boards on PINTEREST and don’t forget INSTAGRAM !!!
Thank you so much for being here today Wendy!!  I can’t wait to see you again!!!  Hopefully soon!!

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