Day 14~ “31 Days of PINK” Maggie from “Around the Mullberry Bush”

Hi Pink Cake Plate Readers!

I am Maggie from  All Around the Mulberry Bush. I write a blog about sewing, cooking, crafting and everything in between! My three-year old daughter inspires most of my creative endeavors and loves to participate whether it is hanging on my back while I am trying to sew a straight line or “helping” me bake by dumping a box of baking soda into the chocolate chip cookie dough. These are the moments that make me the happiest! My husband supports all of this craziness!

I just met Laura at the Glitter Academy this past weekend and I am so thrilled to be participating in 31 Days of Pink!

This is a picture of my daughter in the pink cupcake Halloween costume I made for her last year. Can you tell from the look on her face that she did not like it? I was devastated when she only wore it for three houses and a little sad she didn’t want to try to wear it again this year. Despite that, I LOVE this picture! The fact that she didn’t like it doesn’t take away how adorable she looks as a pink cupcake! She reminds me everyday that sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. I am so blessed to have this little munchkin in my life.

Thank you Maggie your “little Munchkin” is adorable!  And what a fantastic costume I LOVE IT!!

Isn’t Maggie beautiful!!  I met Maggie at Glitter Academy and was thrilled when she emailed wanting to participate!!  I love all the participants of “31 Days” each and every story and pictured shared is fantastic!!  Here is a little bit more about Maggie!!  Oh ya she is a trained chef and has a Cooking School, hmm I think I could learn a thing or two from Miss Maggie!!

I am teaching and cooking as the Owner/Chef Instructor of Whisked Away Cooking School.  When I am not doing any of THOSE three things I am definitely doing something creative!

I love cooking (obviously), crafting, sewing, decorating and really anything imaginative.  One of my favorite feelings is when I think up a project and it comes out exactly how I had pictured it.  Let’s not talk about when it doesn’t!

It really wasn’t until I had my daughter that I got back in touch with my creative side.  I have loved decorating and redecorating her room, making her clothes and hair accessories, planning her birthday parties and so much more!  I have drawn inspiration from my own family not to mention all of the wonderful blogs I follow and Pinterest!

You will love Maggie’s Blog she has some great craft projects and her daughter is adorable!!  I love this tutorial for a “Silhouette Ring”  so cute!  Please stop by FACEBOOK and LIKE her page.  You can connect with Maggie on TWITTER and PINTEREST!!  The INSTAGRAM bug has not bit Maggie yet!!!LOL!!  Please go take a look a her blog you will LOVE IT!!!


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