31 Days of PINK~ Day 14 With Victoria from Vixen Made



I have to apologize for not getting a post up yesterday it was just one of those days and I apologize so today is a twofer!!!  First is a post from my dear friend Victoria from Vixen Made!!  Victoria and I met via TWITTER when we were both anxious for invitation to In the LOOOP!!!   if you havent visited In the LOOOP you should it is chalk full of craft, DIY, and cooking tutorials!!!  Both Victoria and I have tutorials posted there!!!

Victoria is also hosting a giveaway at her blog!!!  She is giving away these adorable PINK earrings!!! 

 So pop over and take a look at what she has to offer and get in on the giveaway!!!

Here is her addition to the “31 Days of PINK”

This is a picture of my daughter and my two sons at my daughter’s recent 4th birthday party.  This picture is meaningful to me because these are my pride and joys!  My beautiful children! 


But it’s appropriate because it was a Pinkalicious birthday them.  You can’t any more pink than that.  Secondly, the shirts I made for my boys (and my husband).  I wanted them adorned in pink for the party and I got the idea from the breast cancer awareness shirts for men, which say ‘Real Men Wear Pink’.  


I’m so glad I made these shirts because I’m planning to have my boys (and daughter) in their PINK shirts for a special ‘Get Pink’d’ day on the 18th.  It may not mean anything to them, but when we go out and see others, we might just come across someone who has survived breast cancer and be touched.  I truly hope so.



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