Working Class with Melissa Peterman!!!

I had the pleasure of briefly saying hello to Melissa Peterman at my annual Holiday Party last year.  I have watched her on Reba and loved her!!  She is Beautiful, Funny, Smart and a “Real” woman!!!  She isn’t a stick figure with blond curls or a runway model and I love this about her.  She is honest and open about her height and weight!!  We have seen her at all weights and I have to say she is gorgeous at any size!

Well she has a brand new sitcom on CMT!!!  I have had the honor of previewing the first episode and I gotta say I LOVE IT!!  I cant wait for the next episode!!  The rapport between Melissa and Ed Asner is fantastic.  They blend so well together!!  I love that Melissa’s character is not “over the top” funny to the point of stupid, but is a believable humorous character!!  And yes the actor who plays her brother is hot!!  As is the actor who plays her boss!!!

I have to say CMT has a hit here and Y’All need to tune in Friday January 28th 8pm central on CMT!!  Ya wont be disappointed!!!

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