Who’s That Lady?? Beautiful lady?? Cariann of Unionvale Mom’s Spot

When I saw this photo of Cariann on Facebook this song was what came to my mind!!  Isn’t she beautiful???

I signed up to do “Roast in a Post” with Collective Bias and Cariann is my Roast Partner!!  But I think to roast someone is more of a gag thing isnt it???  Here is what ask.com says about a roast:  “To roast someone means to humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback.”   Well I am not so sure I can do that so I am going to do my version of a “Roast”!

Cariann’s blog is Unionvale Mom’s Spot it is a blog about the “wonders” of being a mom!!!  I love how she includes her sons in her posts!!!  She is a crafter, baker, reviewer and recipe creator!!!  That just names a few!!!

Cariann is the mother of 2 boys!!  Arn’t boys fun???  They like to help mom out whenever they can and it looks like she has trained them well!!!  Cooking and shopping and other sorts of fun!

Cariann lives in the wonders of the Pacific Northwest!!  Oregon to be exact!!  In a small town just about an hour south of Portland.  I love the Pacific Northwest so green and beautiful!!

Cariann is some what of a Techno Geek!!  I mean this in the nicest way!!   I love this post about  the Motorola Photon very informative and helpful!!

She has some great crafting going on too take a peek at her Vintage Spool Ornaments so cute and easy to make!!

If you get a chance take a trip to Carianns’ Blog!!  It is choc full of great tidbits of life in the Fast lane with 2 boys and a very supportive Hubby!!




  1. I have a deep respect for Cariann already! She homeschools her kids, she cooks CONSTANTLY, and she lives such an eco-friendly life! Thanks for sharing even more details about her. I didn’t know about the techno-geek thing. You learn something new every day!

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