Candy Bowl Cake Tutorial

So I said I was going to post the tutorial on how to make this fun cake so here it is!!!

Bake your favorite cake in 2,  9 inch round pans.  Let them cool and take them out of the pans.


I covered a cake board with foil and then placed a bit of frosting on it to “glue” the cake to the board.

Put the flat side up so the two flat sides will be together when the cake is frosted.  You can level the cakes if you want but this cake does not have to be perfect!!

Put frosting between the layers and frost the cake. Again this does not have to be perfect the candy hides a lot!!!!LOL!!!

Unwrap the candy bars and place them vertical on the sides of the cake until the sides of the cake are covered bu the candy bars.

Then take the M&M’s or other small candies and “fill” the top of the cake.  Spread the candy out over the top covering all the frosting.

Wrap a ribbon around the cake to keep the candy bars in place and your ready to PARTY!!!

See how easy that is!!!  My husband came home while the cake was out and actually reached in to grab some candy!!!  He was a bit surprised when he hit the frosting!!!! LOL!!!!