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I got so excited when I found out in January that TCBY would be arriving in our local Walmart store!!!  It landed in our Walmart just this past week!! Yay!!  I was off to Walmart to see the new TCBY yogurt!

I headed straight to the Ice Cream aisle!!

Oh my look at how cute the packaging is!!!

Here is what landed in my cart!!!

I love the bright colors don’t you??? You can see more of my shopping trip HERE.

I truly love ice cream but not the fat and calories boo!  I was ecstatic to see the nutritional stats for TCBY Frozen yogurt!  TCBY frozen yogurt has fewer calories and fat than Ice Cream and is classified as a “Super Fro Yo” look at these stats!  This is straight from the horses mouth web page!

“We know that people everywhere are doing what they can to live and eat healthier. In 2011 TCBY introduced Super Fro-Yo, a new classification of super nutritious frozen yogurt that remains unparalleled.  This Spring, TCBY will launch a new, even healthier frozen yogurt product-GREEK YOGURT-with all the nutritional benefits of Super Fro-Yo plus twice the protein!

What makes TCBY Super Fro-Yo?

Super Fro-Yo includes a special combination of nutrients that work together to improve your overall sense of well-being.

Although there are many forms of beneficial yogurt and frozen yogurt retailers in the market today, TCBY’s soft-serve frozen yogurt is one of the select few that can truly be called Super Fro-Yo.

To qualify as Super Fro-Yo, most of our frozen yogurt meet or exceed the following guidelines per serving:*

  • Fiber: Must have a minimum of 3 grams
  • Probiotics: Must have a minimum of 7 types of live & active cultures
  • Vitamin D: Must have a minimum of 20% DV
  • Calcium: Must have a minimum of 20% DV
  • Protein: Must have a minimum of 4 gram

In addition to the above nutritionals, the following values are also present in Super Fro-Yo: 120 calories or less; minimum 10% DV Vitamin A; 1 gram or less of saturated fat; minimum of 20 billion live & active cultures per serving at manufacturing.

*Based on a 4 fl. oz (1/2 cup) serving. Percent DV based on 2,000 calorie diet. Information on daily values is rounded according to FDA guidelines.”

I was thrilled when I was asked to throw a TCBY Fro-Yo Party to celebrate it hitting retail stores,  and I gotta tell you I was excited  be first in line to sample this amazing product!!

Since it is Spring Break here in Arizona  I thought I would help my dear friend out with an activity for herself and her kiddos!!  We had a blast take a look!!!

I took the color scheme from the packaging!!  So bright and Cheery!


 Here is my table before!!!  I had a few select toppings for Fro-Yo Sundaes!!! 

  Yes they even have bar treats!!!

  I made the cutest chocolate covered cherries!!  A post about how to make these is in the works!!  They are sooo easy and every single one was gobbled up!!!

 Ok so I love to dip treats in chocolate!!



 Another before shot of the table!!  I found scoops in the same color scheme!!  Soooo Cute!!

Here are the party guests digging into the yummy Super Fro-Yo!!  Go Girls!!

 We had some Fro-Yo Sundae artists at the event!!! 

 Have to have a cherry on top!!!

 And a little chocolate drizzle!!  YUMMMM!!

 Here is an after shot!!  The Cookies and Cream was by far the favorite flavor of the day!!   Not a drop left!!!


All in all we had a great time and totally enjoyed the Super Fro-Yo!!  I still have some in my freezer!!  YAY!!!

 If you’re looking to have a healthy treat for your family and friends I HIGLY recommend TCBY Frozen Yogurt!!  It was by far creamier than any other frozen treat I have eaten.  And with the lower fat and calorie content it is great for those of us choosing to eat healthier!!  My favorite flavor was the Mint Chocolate Chunk!!  I even hid a pint from my husband!!TeeHee! Love it!! 

Thank you #TCBYGrocery!!!!

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  1. Wow! What a great looking party! I love those dipped cherries:)

  2. Awesome cones! I love them. So cute!! Wasn’t this a fun job? Love the TCBY Fro-YO!

  3. Love your chocolate covered cherries! Too cute! Looks like a fun party. :)


  4. I love the dipped cones … they look so fun! And those cherries sound like something my kids would love!

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL party! Holy smokes…when am I be invited?! And I really loved finding tib bits of information about the nutritional facts. ..great idea!

  6. How cute! Love all the fun details you found/made to match the colors!! :)

  7. What a great party!! I love all the colors and decorations!!!

  8. How fun! I love the chocolate covered cherries and dipped cones…too cute!

  9. What a fun party! Beautiful bright colors…and oh those cherries- love that touch! I shared you party on my facebook page!

  10. Thank you Holly!! Your a doll!!!

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