Super Easy Portable Snack!! Ready to go Fresh Fruit Cups

How many of you have gone into a convenience store and wanted a healthy snack??  Um Ya, over there they have a little cup of fruit for like $2.99 EEEKKKK!!!  But because were eating better or tying to lose weight we pay for it and eat it on the way to where were going!!  Well This past week I purchased Cantaloup at .88 cents each, a personal watermelon at .99, and 2 lbs of grapes for .99 a pound and here is what I did with them!!  I made individual ready to go fresh fruit cups!!  What a super easy portable snack!!

I am a convenience girl and what ever I can do to simplify my life makes me happy.  So While I was preparing my morning snack I just kept preparing and cutting the fruit!!  I grabbed my favorite clear plastic cups you can buy at Smart and Final, filled them with fruit and popped the lid on!!  That is it, so for about 20 minutes of fruit prep I had 5 fruit cups done and ready to go!!

The watermelon did not last so I was not able to put any in my cup but the cantaloup and grapes were great!!  I made 3 grape cups and 2 cantaloup/grape mix cups out of the 2 lbs of grapes and 1/2 of the cantaloup!! Can you believe that for $2.43 I have on hand ready to go 5 healthy snack cups that breaks down to about .50 a cup. WOW what a price difference!!

This cup is a 16oz cup so here I have 2 cups of fresh fruit!!  It is measured and easy to grab and pack in my lunch and I don’t have to worry about how much is in there!!

You can pick up the 16 oz cups and lids at Smart and Final for under $10 for both.  You get 100 lids and 50 cups.  The 9oz cups I bought at Walmart and the 12 oz lids fit the 9 oz cups!!

They stack nicely in the fridge too!!

So all I have to do is grab one and I am on my way!!!!  I love that!!

Easy peasy!! No dishes to wash or drag back home I love that too!!   Like I said I am all about convenience!!!

What do you do to simplify your life??


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